Gyoza (5)     9.00

Porc or shrimp  
Dumplings stuffed with cabbage, ginger, garlic

Ebi (3)    7.50

Deep fried shrimps tempura or panko

Ika tempura     10.00

Deep fried calamari rings

Kakiage tempura     10.00

Deep fried chopped vegetables and Nordic shrimps

Tori no kara age     10.00

Deep fried chicken nuggets

Yakitori (3)      10.00

Chicken skewers with Teriyaki stir fry sauce, green onions

Tuna tataki     14.00

Seared tuna, ponzu and ginger sauce, green onions, sesame

Club sushi      10.00

Deep fried swaweed sheets, shredded imitation crab meat, green onions, Mitchan sauce


Sunomono     6.50

Cucumber, seaweeds, Nordic shrimps, seasoned rice vinegar, sesame

Kaiso     5.50

Seaweed and sesame mix

Seafood salad     12.00

Nordic shrimps, scallop, crab, surf clam, seaweeds, sesame, served on daikon, house dressing

Green salad     5.50

With house dressing


Chicken Teriyaki  18,00

Chicken thighs stir-fried in our delicious homemade teriyaki sauce served with vegetables and rice

Chicken only    12,00

Katsu Surf and Turf  18.00

Pork chop and giant shrimps (2) in Japanese panko, served with garden salad and rice

Pork only    12,00


Miso     3.50


Edamame     4.50

Soy beans

Yasai itame     8.00

Vegetable stir fry

Rice     3.50


Accompanied your dish with shrimp or pork gyoza (3)    +5,00

Ramen    13,50

Noodles in pork broth, vegetables, pork

with egg    +2,00

Yakisoba     13,50

Stir fry noodles with vegetables and Nordic shrimps

or Teriyaki chicken  +3,00


Nigiri and sashimi

Cooked nigiri (2)

Ebi     4.00


Kani   6.50

crab leg

Tamago    4,00


Inari   4.00

fried tofu

Unagi   6.50

BBQ eel

Raw nigiri(2) sashimi(3)

Sake    5.00    5.50


Maguro    6.00    6.50

red tuna

Ika    5.00    5.50


Shime Saba    5.00    5.50

marinated mackerel

Ama ebi    5.00    5.50

sweet shrimp

Hotate      6.50    7.00


Tako     5.00    5.50


Hokkigai      5.00    5.50

surf clam

Tobikko     6.00

flying fish roe

Ikura    7.00

salmon roe


Soya sheet     1.50
Mayo / sauce     1.00
Cream cheese     1.00

Hosomaki     (6)

Kappa     4.50


Avocado     5.50


Ebi      6.50

Nordic shrimps, cucumber, mayo

Maguro      6.50

Cooked tuna, cucumber, green onions, mayo

Deep fried maki    (6)

Dragon eye      12.00

Salmon, carrots, green onion, mayo, sweet sauce

Inverted maki     (6)

California     9,50

Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe

Acadian     9,50

Nordic shrimps, avocado, mayo, sesame

Ebi tempura     9,50

Tempura shrimps, Mitchan sauce, sesame

Pork teriyaki     9,50

Pulled pork, cucumber, tempura, sweet sauce

Surimi     9,50

Shredded imitation crab, cucumber, spicy tempura, green onions, Mitchan sauce, sesame

Tartare    9,50

Salmon tartare, cucumber, spicy tempura, green onions, Mitchan sauce, sesame

Smoked salmon    12,00

Smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese

Black dragon     12,00

BBQ eel, avocado, omelet, sprouts, cucumber, sweet sauce, sesame

Caterpillar     12,00

Shrimps, salmon, cucumber, avocado, spicy sauce

Futomakis     (5)    (10)

Mitchan     10,00     16,00

Salmon, shrimps, asparagus, avocado, lettuce, tempura, Mitchan sauce

Dynamite     10,00     16,00

Tempura shrimps, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe, spicy sauce

Kamikaze     10,00     16,00

Tuna, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe, tempura, spicy sauce

Salade      9,50     15,00

Red pepper, avocado, asparagus, lettuce, Mitchan sauce, sesame

Poisson d’avril     9,50     15,00

Cooked tuna, avocado, lettuce, tempura, sweet sauce, sesame


All combos are served with miso soup.

Mitchan Combo (18)     25.00

5 mitchan, 3 cucumber, 3 salmon, 6 nigiris, inari.

Deluxe combo (14)     16.00

3 acadian, 3 surimi, 3 cucumber, 4 nigiris, inari.

Roll combo (16)     16.00

3 acadian, 3 surimi, 3 cucumber, 3 cooked tuna, 3 nordic shrimps, inari.


Banana or apple     6.50

Fried with tempura batter, served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate or maple syrup

Mochi     5.50

Sorbet with rice paste, chocolate or maple syrup. Choice of: chocolate, vanilla, green tea, red beans, mango

Ice cream     5.50

Choice of: green tea, red beans, black sesame


Green tea     free

Soft drink     2.50

Sparkling water     3.00

Coffee, espresso     3.00

Latté, cappuccino     4.50

Juice     2.50

Orange, apple, pineapple, or cranberry


Sapporo     8.00

Prenium Lager, Japan, 500 ml

Brasseux d’la côte     8.00

La Classic, Tracadie, 473 ml

Four Rivers     8.00

Nor’Easter Pale Ale / Havre St-Pierre Amber Ale, Bathurst, 473 ml





Sangria      9.00

Red or white

Cosmopolitain      9.00

Vodka, orange liquor, cranberry, lime

Mojito*      9.00

Rum, mith, lime, soda, simple syrup

Lychee Martini*      9.00

Vodka, lychee liquor, cranberry

Ceasar*      9.00


*alcohol free     4.00




Cucumber cooler     9.00

Gin, sake, cucumber, lemon, lime, soda, simple syrup

Caprioska kiwi     9.00

Vodka, melon liquor, kiwi, simple syrup

Alizé     9.00

Vodka, grapefruit, cranberry, orange bitter

Litchi mule     9.00

Vodka, lychee puree, lime, lychee liquor, ginger beer

Mai Tchan     9.00

Amber rum, white rum, orange, grapefruit, almond syrup, simple syrup

Wines and sakes

Reds     glass / bottle

McManis     9.00 / 38.00

Cabernet sauvignon, USA

Fontella     9.00 / 38.00

Chianti, Italy


Whites    glass / bottle

Santa Ema     9.00 / 38.00

Chardonnay, Chile

Jost L'Acadie  9.00 / 38.00

Pinot Grigio, Canada


House   glass / 1/2L / 1L

French Cross    7.00 / 18.00 / 32.00

Dry red or dry white, Canada


Sakes  5oz / 10oz

Geikkeikan      7.00 / 14.00

Sake, USA


Ask about our selection of sake bottles.

From Japan to your plate

Come and enjoy the Mitchan Sushi experience! As soon as you arrive, our dynamic team will greet you with an “irasshaimase”, which is Japanese for “welcome”. We present you with an Acadian-Japanese fusion: the architecture of this Acadian heritage house sets the stage for authentic Japanese meals, showcasing recipes by Grandma Takatsuka as well as our original creations. From the oshibori (a small, hot towel presented at the start of the meal) to the green tea, along with the magnificent selection of Japanese tableware, we offer you the complete gastronomic experience. Perfect for a romantic evening for two, a celebration among friends, a family meal or a cocktail for one at the bar: come and experience Mitchan Sushi!

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